Surface Treatment of Molybdenum Pin

Molybdenum Pin Picture

Surface condition of molybdenum pin is bright and shiny in order to ensure the good performance of molybdenum pin. Thus, treatment of molybdenum pin should be considered seriously.

Usually, we use etching process to remove the oxide film on the surface of the molybdenum pins. Inevitably, this process of cleaning surface of molybdenum pin will cause environment pollution. However, when removed by process of soldering, which means molybdenum pins are soldered on the nailhead wires of the diodes consisted of copper, there comes out the same effect, and have a good impact on environment.

Oxide film on the molybdenum pins can also be removed at the manufacturer’s production line by barrel-polishing. So, in our company, we choose environment friendly method to remove oxide on the surface of molybdenum pin.