Application of Molybdenum Pin in Magnetron

Molybdenum Pin Picture

Molybdenum pin used in magnetron is normally applied in two shapes. One is straight molybdenum, the other one is Z-shaped molybdenum pin. Both straight and Z-shaped molybdenum pin are used to connect molybdenum cap for electric resistance welding.

Magnetron is a microwave tube in which electrons generated from a heated cathode affected by magnetic and electric fields in such a way as to produce microwave radiation used in radar and in microwave ovens. Molybdenum pin in this device is used for electric resistance welding.

Regularly, pure molybdenum pin used in magnetron is above 99.95% in purity. Besides pure molybdenum pin, molybdenum pin can be Ni coated.

The most significant procedure of finished molybdenum pin is its welding test. Best welding performance of molybdenum pin is best product, besides quality.